Chad Alexander (1990) was born in Belfast.
                               He holds a BA from the Belfast School of Art.

                              Individual Exhibitions:                                                                                                    Print Press:        
2018     Goose Lane Gallery, Belfast                                                                                British Journal of Photography, August 2017            
                               2017      Imagine: Politics & Ideas Festival, Belfast                                                       Source Photographic Review, Summer 2017            
                                                                                                                                                                                Junior Press, Issue 2          
                                Group Exhibitions:                                                                                                        
                               2018     Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool                                                            Online Press:
                                2017      Junior Press, The Library Project, Dublin                                                      British Journal of Photography
2017      Ulster Photo fair, Belfast                                                                                     Source Photographic Review 
                                2016     DeFence Workshop, Antwerp Family.                                                              Institute of Irish Studies
                                2016     KABK Collective, Sarajevo                                                                                   Family. Life Project Syracuse
                                2015     Photo Fringe Festival, Belfast                                                                                  
                                2014     Ulster Museum, RUA, Belfast                                                                             Residencies:
                                2013     Platform Arts, Belfast                                                                                           Artist in residence, Belfast School of Art, 2017